Innovations in GYN Care: An Interview with Authority Magazine on the Future of Healthcare

In a recent Q&A with Authority Magazine writer Christine D. Warner, I discuss the lack of expertise when it comes to minimally invasive GYN surgery as well as the potentially adverse outcomes women may face as they seek to heal from complex GYN conditions.

Future of HealthCare PJM_compressed

In the U.S., the OBGYN generalist is the patient’s “go to” source for GYN surgery. Patients build a “bond of trust” with their OB, and when surgery is needed, that trust translates into the same OB performing surgery. But is that OB really a surgical expert, and one that can provide the best possible care?

During my residency training, this problem became clear. Many of the OBGYNs responsible for training me were having difficulty. If a bladder was inadvertently injured — call the Urologist. The bowel was “stuck” to the uterus — call the General Surgeon. The patient had large fibroids and was bleeding during a myomectomy, or there was extensive Endometriosis making every pelvic organ including the uterus, tubes and ovaries adherent to each other — call the GYN Oncologist. It was obvious that the GYN Oncologist was indeed the OBGYN’s surgeon, and was often “on call” for difficult cases that the OBGYN could not handle. As I began to see GYN Oncologists at work, I realized I had no choice but to try and become one of them. I focused the remainder of my residency on surgery as much as I could, and moved on toward a fellowship program in GYN Oncology.

Read the full Q&A with Medium Magazine author Christine D. Warner: The Future of Healthcare: “A New Way to Perform Laparoscopic Surgery” with Dr. Paul MacKoul

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