Public Education Campaign “Uncovered: The Truth About GYN Surgery”

uncovered-logo-vertical(cut2)Findings from a new survey commissioned by The Center for Innovative GYN Care revealed that over 50% of American women are unclear about GYN conditions and surgical procedures. Many women have trouble understanding what happens with their bodies. Over 1.6 million in the U.S. alone need GYN surgery annually, but very few know what’s at stake.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), up to 80% of women will have fibroids by age 50, and over 5 million women suffer from endometriosis. Understanding how these conditions affect overall health is essential for women so they are able to make decisions about treatment. The 2015 study served to clarify knowledge gaps women might have about common GYN conditions and treatment options that are available to them.

Read the press release to find out more about the findings of the survey and the newly launched public education campaign “Uncovered: The Truth About GYN Surgery”  Get the most up to date information about GYN conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and procedures like myomectomies and hysterectomies on


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