Choosing the Right GYN Oncologist

Hearing the word “cancer” can cause fear. In fact many women fear the worst at the first sign of a gynecologic issue and often continue suffering from heavy bleeding or pelvic pain unnecessarily. At the same time, some physicians who may not have enough experience when identifying cancer may cause unfounded fear. For women who are worried about what their GYN symptoms could mean, it is very important to find the most skilled medical professional, able to fully address their concerns and provide the best options for treatment.

An advanced trained GYN surgical specialist is a professional who has the experience to know what to look for and the skills to treat it effectively. For many patients in need of surgical treatment, a minimally invasive approach may be all they need, as you will learn from Heidi.

Dealing with Cancer and Overcoming the Fear: Heidi’s Story

Heidi saw two separate doctors who told her she had potentially cancerous fibroids and needed a complete hysterectomy with a robot and power morcellator. Shortly after her first consultation, Heidi saw a news report cautioning women against robotic surgery with a power morcellator because of the risk of spreading cancer throughout the pelvic cavity. When she got a second opinion and was given the same answer, she was determined to take charge of her health and options for treatment.

“I decided I didn’t want (robotic surgery with a power morcellator), I just felt like I had to be my own advocate. So I searched the internet and happened upon a new type of hysterectomy called DualPortGYN. Something so drastically different than what I had been told. I still can’t understand why every doctor doesn’t switch to this kind of procedure, because it’s so much better for women.” said Heidi.

GYN Oncology Specialists at The Center for Innovative GYN Care

Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD and Dr. Natalya Danilyants, MD are fellowship trained GYN surgeons. Dr. MacKoul also specializes in gynecologic oncology and Dr. Danilyants specializes in retroperitoneal dissection, the technique used to make DualPortGYN and LAAM surgeries faster and safer than other laparoscopic procedures. You can learn more about CIGC surgical specialists from real patients:  Dr. Paul MacKoul Reviews | Dr. Natalya Danilyants Reviews. Contact CIGC to book a consultation today.


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