Endometriosis Awareness Month and the Worldwide EndoMarch

We are coming to the end of March 2015. Spring has finally let loose in Washington, D.C. In spite of the weather outlook for the weekend, people all over the metro area are preparing for the D.C. EndoMarch, this Saturday, an event that is happening in cities all over the world. The goal of EndoMarch is to encourage awareness and to spark discussion over something that can often seem taboo.

We see women who have suffered with endometriosis for too long. It often takes up to 10 years for women to get a proper diagnosis, and during that time severe pain, heavy bleeding and lost time living their lives is common.

We want women to get diagnosed sooner. If caught early by a GYN specialist, minimally invasive procedures can help to alleviate pain and ensure that the right treatment is performed. If all of the endometriosis is not removed, it can continue to grow, and continue to cause pain.

In an effort to help increase awareness and knowledge, over the past month, we’ve been actively posting on our blog about endometriosis. The round-up of those blogs is posted on Tumblr.

If you experience heavy bleeding and severe pain, please see a GYN specialist.

You can contact us at The Center for Innovative GYN Care or at 888-SURGERY, or even book a consultation online.


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