Dr. Paul Mackoul, MD Specializes in Surgery with Less Pain, No Visible Scars

Advanced GYN surgery doesn’t have to leave you with unsightly scars. Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD is a pioneer in an advanced GYN surgical technique called DualPortGyn, which uses just two tiny incisions to successfully perform even the most complex surgical procedures, such as myomectomy for fibroid removal.

This innovative technique has the lowest risk of complications of any other GYN procedure, including robotic, and open surgery. And unlike robotic or open surgery, DualPortGyn, has just a 1-2 week recovery period and leaves no visible scars.


With just two 5mm incisions, the specialists at The Center for Innovative GYN Care can map out the entire pelvic cavity to perform their procedures, safely, efficiently and with minimal pain for the patient. The small size and strategic location, of these incisions, allows the patient to heal more fully, leaving them without visible scars.

Read more about DualPortGyn and our other innovative GYN surgical techniques at our website, or book a consultation with one of our highly trained, specialists.


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