Infertility and the Uterine Cavity: Removal of Uterine Scar Tissue can Increase Chances of Pregnancy

infertility IV 2Part IV: CIGC Infertility Series

The Center for Innovative GYN Care provides minimally invasive procedures to enhance pregnancy rates for women with gynecologic conditions causing infertility. One of the most successful procedures performed at CIGC involves scar tissue removal to the uterine cavity, preventing scar tissue reformation. Up to 95% of patients treated with such procedures will develop a cavity that is functional to allow for attempts at pregnancy. Recovery is only one to two days.

Learn more about infertility due to uterine scar tissue on our blog and educate yourself on the right procedure and surgical specialist to increase your chances to get pregnant. Get to know Paul MacKoul MD, Natalya Danilyants MD, Britton Chahine MD at CIGC and schedule an appointment


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