Infertility and the Tubes: How to Increase your Chances of Successful IVF treatment

Paul-MacKoul-MD-Increase-Chances-in-IVF-Success-300x200Part III: CIGC Infertility Series

Infertility can be caused by blockages of the fallopian tubes – delicate structures that connect the ovaries to the uterine cavity. There are many causes for blockage of the fallopian tubes and pelvic infection is one of them, however fibroids or prior surgery can also be mentioned. Fertility doctors usually recommend in vitro fertilization if the tubes are blocked, in order to bypass the tubes to become pregnant. Ligation of the tubes to prepare for IVF pregnancy is a recommended procedure which can be complex and should always be performed by a trained surgical specialist.

Visit our blog to read more about fallopian tubes and how blockage can lead to infertility. Book an appointment with a CIGC specialist today to discuss ligation of the tubes ensuring successful IVF pregnancy: Dr. Paul J. MacKoul, MD, Dr. Natalya E. Danilyants MD, Dr. E. Britton Chahine, MD.


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