Paul MacKoul MD removes 20 lb fibroid with DualPortGYN technique

The Center for Innovative GYN Care Patient Spotlight: Juliet Anderson
Procedure: Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Hysterectomy via DualPortGYN technique

paulmackoulmdA schoolteacher from Bowie, MD had lost all faith in doctors and the medical world after several years of anxiety related to her mother’s death, her own abnormally heavy bleeding and a descended stomach. Juliet Anderson turned to a close friend to help her find the best care possible for her fibroid condition, and she was introduced to Paul MacKoul MD.

Q: What issues were you having?

A: I was experiencing extremely heavy cycles every month for 7 years. My stomach was sticking out so much due to the size of the fibroid. I was sick and tired of people asking me if I was pregnant! I was also terribly afraid to visit a doctor because my mom had died recently of stomach cancer.

Q: Whom did you see initially?

A: Several years before finding Dr. MacKoul, I had visited a surgeon in the south where I lived. For whatever reason, I didn’t trust that doctor at all, and felt like he wasn’t knowledgeable enough to perform my difficult surgery. I don’t think that doctor had the resources or the expertise.

Q: So how did you get in touch with Dr. MacKoul?

A: I had a close friend who I relied on to help me find a doctor who was a true specialist, and who could handle my very extreme case. This friend came into my life to introduce me to Dr. MacKoul who would go on to improve my life in so many ways.

Q: When you went to see Dr. MacKoul, what did he tell you?

A: He saw the fear in my eyes and he was able to take away all of that fear by explaining to me exactly what was going on inside of me. Dr. MacKoul told me that he would perform a hysterectomy with his innovative technique called DualPortGYN. I couldn’t believe that he could take my 20 lb fibroid out through two tiny 5mm incisions.

Q: How did your life change after the surgery?

A: I was a size 10, so I went out and bought expensive clothes. My self-esteem was so much better, and I regained my confidence. I would recommend Dr. MacKoul to any young woman who is scared or afraid about their GYN health.

Visit our blog to read the complete interview with Juliet Anderson and learn her story right here.

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