CIGC Patient Spotlight: Dr. Paul MacKoul Relieves Patient of Over a Decade of Debilitating Pain

Patient: Kristen Hill, Manassas VA
Condition: Endometriosis
Procedure: Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

After experiencing over a decade of pain stemming from symptoms of endometriosis, Kristen Hill was no longer willing to compromise the quality of her life. A horrifying experience with an untrained surgeon led her to seek out the expertise of a true GYN surgical specialist. She found Dr. Paul MacKoul, and her only wish is that she had done so sooner.

CIGC: You suffered from a severe case of endometriosis, what were the initial stages of your journey like before finding Dr. MacKoul with The Center for Innovative GYN Care?

KRISTEN: I was diagnosed with a painful and severe case of endometriosis back in 2002, and I was actively trying to get pregnant.  I suffered horribly throughout the last several years and experienced bouts of debilitating shooting pains, they were so intense that I would be doubled over in agony.

CIGC: How did the chronic nature of your symptoms lead you to the next step?

KRISTEN: I spoke to my OBGYN, and deduced that pregnancy wouldn’t happen. My OBGYN referred me to a surgeon who she said was highly qualified, and would be the best person to operate on my unique and severe case. My OBGYN and the referred surgeon actually opened me up, and upon taking a look at the position and severity of my endometriosis, decided to close me back up without performing the procedure!

CIGC: When you met with Dr. MacKoul, what happened?

KRISTEN: Dr MacKoul was wonderful, warm and genuine and explained the procedure as well as his innovative techniques in depth. He also drew me a personalized diagram of my anatomy to fully communicate my unique situation and the symptoms related to the kind of endometriosis I had, “Frozen Pelvis Syndrome”. He put our fears to rest and was confident that he could remove all of the endometrial tissue safely.

Visit our blog to read the complete patient interview and learn Kristen Hill’s story right here.

Learn from Kristen’s experience, and choose the most advanced GYN care from doctors at The Center for Innovative GYN Care. Get to know more about Paul MacKoul, MD, here.


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